Welcome to Highbridge Hills Sports Complex!

Disc Golf enthusiasts have dubbed us The Mecca — and why not? With six distinct professional level eighteen-hole courses, a seventh nine-hole course, and six brother/sister eighteen-hole combo courses, a Disc Golfer can play for a week and never repeat a score-card! But that's not all we offer..... Nature and Outdoor Sports Lovers will find lots to keep them happy in every season at this beautiful Back-to-Nature retreat!


What's New

Coming Events

Well Loved and Growing

Since 2004 Highbridge Hills Sports Complex has shared our 400 acres of scenic property in the Penokee Mountain Range in northern Wisconsin with Disc Golf Enthusiasts, Nature Lovers, and Outdoor Sports Lovers from all over the United States — from all over the world, for that matter! Thank You for Your Patronage!

There's Always Something New at Highbridge! Please check What's New for the latest posts about our developing plans for Highbridge Hills Sports Complex. And don't forget to check Upcoming Events for special fun things to do here! Plan your next visit or special event now!



In an effort to provide the best experience and facility in the world for your enjoyment, we are a "Pay for Play" Sports Complex. You must be a member and pay a usage fee to use our courses and facilities. Short term length-of-stay memberships are available for those who visit Highbridge only occasionally — you pay a nominal membership fee ($5/individual or $15/family) along with your usage fee when you sign in and complete your waiver.


When You Visit

When you visit we ask you to be at your BEST and to follow a few rules to make the experience a memorable one for you and your fellow sports and nature lovers:

  • Follow the one way traffic signs for safety.
  • Park in designated parking lots.
  • Sign in. Fill out the waiver. Honor our honor system*
  • Read the daily message board at the clubhouse. You will find important information about course conditions, wildlife, upcoming events — and maybe a fellow traveler from your area or a lost disc!
  • Respect the environment. 
  • Respect your fellow guests — share the property with other discers, bikers, runners, sports and nature-lovers. 
  • Find a disc with someone's name or number on it?
    Turn it in at the pro-shop.
  • Bring it in... bring it out... recycle!

* To take advantage of our property, whether you participate in a sport or event or only "tag along", you must be a member, or pay the nominal short-term membership fee and fill out our waiver.


Our Location

See Find Us for more information about our two campuses, and The Courses to learn about our disc golf courses.