What's New at Highbridge Hills Sports Complex?

The coming years are full of promise, adventure and fun! It all starts in November of 2016 and will grow and expand throughout the years to come. Here are some things we're adding to the mix:

Highbridge Hills Sports Complex Membership

In an effort to provide the best experience and facility in the world for your enjoyment, we are a "Pay for Play" Sports Complex. We are now adding a new membership policy. By becoming a Member of Highbridge Hills Sports Complex you help us maintain our property and facilities in the best possible manner, and support our continuing efforts to come up with new ideas for fun at Highbridge. For those of you who only visit us occasionally, we will offer short-term length-of-visit memberships for a nominal price ($5/individual or $15/family). There will be several benefits to becoming a long-term member, including a Facebook Members Discussion Group. Check out our MEMBERSHIP page for details. We will be adding online payment for membership to our website soon. 

United Recreational Players Association

John's latest vision is an association for recreational disc golfers of all ages and genders, offering all members the opportunity to compete in tournaments leading up to a World's Championship Tournament to be held annually at Highbridge Hills Sports Complex! Join in the fun! Become a member soon and enjoy the added benefits of early membership!  LEARN MORE  ➤

Monthly Events the Whole Year Round

Check our CALENDAR or UPCOMING EVENTS pages often to find out what's being planned.

Work to Play Volunteers

Help us around the property and earn play time! LEARN MORE  ➤

Yours or Your Group's Special Events

We would love to share our property with you! Check out our PLAN YOUR SPECIAL EVENT page.

Business Partner Sponsorships

John will be working with businesses in the area in an ongoing effort to offer discounts and special deals for members and guests of Highbridge Hills Sports Complex.

New Reservation and Rate Package

Look for details in a coming WHAT'S NEW post.