Winter Sports Triathlons Throughout the Winter Season!

Cross Country Ski/Snowshoe/Fat Tire Bike
Disc Golf

Weather permitting, we will be having Winter Sports Triathlons:
Every Weekend, December 10-11 through March 11-12
Weekdays, during the holidays December 26-30
Daily, President's Weekend thru the Birkie, including the Friday before the Book February 17-26

Weekend Races: Saturday at 10am and 1:30 pm. Sunday at 11am. At 7pm on Saturday, there will be a Bonfire and a Special Nighttime Short-Course Race Under the Lights at Chestnut Grove.

Weekend price is $20 per participant. You can enter any combination of races for this price. A chili feed will be available throughout the day and at the Saturday evening event for $5. Soda and bottled water will be available for purchase..

Weekday Races at 10am and 1:30 pm.

Weekday price is $10 per participant. You can enter any combination of races for this price.

Ski the Penokees Triathlon on Friday, Feb 17 before the Book at 1pm.

Ski the Penokees price is $10 per participant. You can use the property throughout the day for this price.

How It Works

  • Choose a 5K course: either Cross Country Ski, Snowshoe or Fat Tire Bike.
  • There will be three groomed trails, one for ski, one for snowshoe, one for bike.
  • Check in and specify your choice of course a half hour before each event. You can choose your partner or take a random draw.
  • Entrants will be released on each course every 3 minutes in pairs; your bib indicates your start time.
  • Entrants attempt Disc Golf and Paintball/Airsoft targets along the course.
  • We supply discs at each Disc Golf station. 3 discs into the basket at each station. Minimum of 5 targets.
  • We supply weapons at each Paintball/Airsoft station. 3 targets at each stop. 3 paintballs per target. Minimum of 5 targets.
  • Spotters at each station will manually score entrants.
  • There will be a spotter at the end of the course to record your time.
  • When a race is complete all spotters for a course will come together to compile the scores of each entrant to determine the winners.
  • Scores are based on your course time and your accuracy in putting/shooting.