Wednesday Night Update, January 4

Highbridge Hills Disc Golf Course

In less than 75 days...our winter cover will give way to another season of disc golf!

Tonight I'll share some news regarding disc golf for 2017. We are incorporating a "membership" and sign-in this year. A per-weekend-visit, a seasonal and a lifetime membership. See About Membership. is the scoop!

Blueberry will have an optional 6 new holes roughed in this winter, playable mid summer.

Gold will have 3 new holes below the Honka, an option to play 21! Plus there will be the "super gold layout and scorecard". Hole #8 already is stretched to 1776' — our "Bicentennial American" hole!

Woodland will be lit up for night golf.

Granite will pretty much just receive a brush cut.

Bear is undergoing some tree thinning.

The Crown Jewel, will have its own scorecard. (All the holes that border the crown of the hill!)

With additional help and myself available full time...we are excited about 2017!

Next about tournaments, qualifying options, sponsors and payouts! Remember our Worlds Recreational Championship in August, by age brackets... $1000 to win!, plus added prizes and privileges as never seen before in disc golf!!