Sports For Nature Lovers at Highbridge

Text John before your visit to check availability of these sports. 715-681-0112
These sports are free for members. Please check in at the Clubhouse/ProShop when you arrive.


Hiking (and Grounding)

Hike our 400 acres of trails and turf. Try it barefoot to reestablish your connection with Mother Earth.

Breathe the clean air. Open your eyes to the beauty around you.

We're here spring, summer, fall and winter for you and your family to explore.



Run our trails and courses! Turf running, barefoot running, and traditional running are all available at Highbridge Hills. 

Our 400 acres offer an excellent training ground for cross country and trail races.

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Turf and Trail Biking

Explore our property on your bicycle!  We have groomed turf, rugged trails, and even winter biking. 

We offer lessons on back-country biking. Please wear your helmets for safety!

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You never know what you might find here, especially during Spring and Fall migration.

We've seen eagles, hawks, sandhill cranes, songbirds, turkeys, partridge and many other species on our property.


Sunrises, Sunsets, Moongazing, Stargazing & Northern Lights

Our remote northern location and clear atmosphere allow for exciting possibilities!

Reconnect with the wonder of the Universe — and the ancient reverence for the moon and the stars — they just seem more tangible here...